The official in charge of the storage and expulsion of water

Related to Copy of Organ Channels Meridians (Official Role)
Like a great river the bladder channel and its 5 element partner kidney meet with the Ming men to fuel the furnace of evolutions and therefore are involved with health and vitality. Bl-1-Bl-10 combines with the heavenly yang and helps us with understanding our reality. Bl-11-35 is related to the psychological reserves of Qi of all the other officials. Bl36-49 regulates the spiritual reserves of all the other officials as its associate to the manifestation of virtue in life. Bladder official is involved with regulating the Zhi, which represents the mental aspect of our will.This channel is heavily involved both on a psychological level and spiritual level with all other officials it may show when we need to access our reserves as it regulates them for every official. When Health and vitality are a concern often Bladder or Kidney may show.