Key Insight
Physical connection
Excessive SNS
Physical Symptom

Heat is characterised by increases in temperature

Psych (excess)
Psych (deficient)
Related Principle

From acute infection: self-love, boundaries, exhaustion From yin deficiency: lack of nourishment, overly intense lifestyle From stagnation: repressed emotion, stuck, preoccupied with others at the expense of myself

Look for

red skin eruption which feels hot, burning sensation, loss of blood, extreme restlessness

Questions to ask

Hot and cold is a very good way of determining whether there is a yin or yang pattern predominating.

Heat is characterised by increases in temperature (objective or subjective) and activity, while cold brings lower temperatures and pallor.

As far as the mind is concerned, any condition of extreme restlessness or manic behaviour indicates Heat in the Heart. Of course, a subjective feeling of heat also indicates Heat.

Full-Heat causes severe mental restlessness, agitation, anxiety, insomnia with agitated sleep

Empty-Heat causes a vague mental restlessness that is worse in the evening, an anxiety with Fidgeting, and waking up frequently during the night

Comparing Full heat and Empty Heat


Whole face red

Malar flush

Desire to drink cold water

Desire to drink in small sips

Red all over inside eyelid

Thin red line inside eyelid

Bitter taste

No bitter taste

All day

In the afternoon or evening

High fever

Low-grade fever in the afternoon

Very restless and agitated

Vague anxiety, fidgeting

Constipation, abdominal pain

Dry stools, no abdominal pain



Dream-disturbed, very restless

Waking up frequently during the night or early morning

Red, hot painful skin eruptions

Scarlet-red, not raised painless skin eruptions


Floating-Empty, Rapid

Red with yellow coating

Red and Peeled

Clear Heat

Nourish Yin, clear Empty-Heat