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Special Point
Key PointYing SpringFire Point

Ying-Spring and Fire point NB: repression of any of 7 emotions causes anger. NB2:  anger harder to control. NB3:  unexpressed emotions lead to anger. 

liver fire liver qi liver wind heat bleeding the lower jiao (lower third of body)
headache dizziness red eyes menstruation knee & back pain urination constipation
Channel Psychology

Lv: Stuck, life flows easily, I welcome change, resentment, anger.
 Ht: There is nothing wrong with me. I can’t love myself. I am angry at myself. SI: I learn & change. I am afraid of changing. Things only get worse.
 Pc: I am angry about being hurt.
 SJ: I am angry about being betrayed.

Point Psychology
Rage key point for anger irritability need to express sad fearful decisiveness courage fear shutting eyes with no desire to look

Headache, dizziness, redness and pain of the eyes, lacrimation, eye diseases, nosebleed, thirst, burning heat of the face, dark green complexion, death-like green colour, throat painful obstruction, dry throat with agitation and thirst, clutching sensation in the throat, bitter taste in the mouth, heat in the body, propensity to anger, sadness, propensity to fright, closes eyes and has no desire to look, excessive fright and little strength, propensity to fear as if seeing ghosts, madness, insomnia, palpitations, epilepsy, loss of consciousness, chronic and acute childhood fright, contracted sinews, fullness of the four limbs, deviation of the mouth, cramps and spasm in the hands and feet, hypertension, pain and itching of the genitals, pain of the penis, sudden involuntary erection, acute abdominal pain, hernia, painful urinary dysfunction, incontinence, retention of urine, difficult urination, white turbidity, red and white vaginal discharge, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal distension, incessant uterine bleeding, menstrual pain, inhibited menstruation, early menstruation, lower abdominal fullness, abdominal masses in women, difficult lactation, coughing blood, vomiting, pain of the heart and the liver, distension and pain of the chest and lateral costal region, pain of the chest and back, pain below the heart, much sighing, inability to catch the breath all day long, difficulty in catching the breath, shortness of breath, wasting and thirsting disorder with desire to drink, malaria, lumbar pain with difficulty in flexing and extending the back, swelling of the knee, pain of the inner aspect of the leg, heat in the shin, pain and swelling of the instep


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.