Five Element Colour

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PS 18 - Five Element Colour

This technique uses the colours of the 5 elements to represent the process of moving through life experiences. It can be beneficial for any situation where we may not have been able to recognise and gain from what has been valuable, and let go of what is no longer of relevance.

The full process involves having the client look at each colour in turn, following first the Shen and then the Ko cycle. A Priority Indicator Change (P/I/C) indicates difficulty moving into a particular element, and is corrected by having the client look at that colour while the practitioner holds ESR (Gb-14Gb-14 ) and Gb-20Gb-20 simultaneously. The cycles are then continued until no colour shows any I/C.

The correction can also be performed by simply finding one priority colour and correcting it - for example when doing a Five Element Balance.

5 Element Colour (Mode PS18)

1. Show the 5 element colours to client 2. Correction:

  • Start with the client looking at either the colour of the element associated with the goal/issue or the colour that appeals to the client when they think of the goal/issue
  • Have client look at that colour (or can visualise colour) while holding alarm point/s associated with the element. Hold for a few minutes.

3. Continue and repeat procedure going through the remaining colours

Five Element Colours


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