GB34 Yang Ling Quan – Yang spring

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Yin accepts yang (illuminating waters within) reinvigorate our energy long term growth change balance head and heart

GB34 Yang Ling Quan – Yang spring

Location: in the depression inferior and anterior to the head of the fibula

This point brings the nourishment of earth to the GB channel, helping to reinvigorate our energy to enable us to move and grow. It grounds our decision making and provides the foundation for long term growth and change. Rushing this process, and rushing growth in general, can lead to growth that has a poor foundation and is likely to fail. On the other hand, being overly constrained by process and deliberation can impede our actions and result in our needs not being met. This point is about achieving balance between these two extremes.

The key is to get a balance between using a mental process that orders and organises action in an effective way, without being overthought and too rigid. There needs to be structure without rigidity.

Visualise: Being a young tree with roots in the ground. Prepare for growth by first allowing your roots to spread further into the soil and begin extracting nourishment to fuel your growth. When you have a sense of sufficient stability from your roots begin to grow upwards towards the sun.


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