Ba Gua Activation and Balance

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and Destiny
Balance information
Balance for
Connection with knowing Internal sensitivity and receptivity Seeing inner self Moving into body and embodying spirit Open expression

The Ba Gua

We are in harmony all things. In disharmony we tend to get stuck on a specific emotional motivator. The date of birth model presented in this manual is strangely accurate in uncovering the driving motivational constitution. It tends to be the constitution associated with the middle number of the three numbers.

The other two numbers describe the behaviours the person tends to adopt in order to get the motivator. Behaviours tend to map to symptoms so the first and third numbers often map well to the physical symptoms and signs in the client history.

Each constitution relates to a different aspect of the one key issue all people face: whether they can connect inwardly and express this outwardly. Each constitution is a different aspect of this one issue.


For example, 9 Fire is about expression and openness. 1 Water and 8 Mountain are about connection to and trust of internal wisdom. 2 Earth is about whether we live true for ourselves or live for others. 5 Central Palace is about whether we open to receiving. 3 Thunder and 4 Wind are about whether we can see the true beauty within and sit with what is rather than focussing on achieving certain outcomes.

To foster change its very important to address the root for the client’s motivator. Each constitution needs a different issue to be addressed:

  • 1 & 8 Connection with knowing
  • 2 Internal sensitivity and receptivity
  • 3 &4 Seeing inner self
  • 5, 6 & 7 Moving into body and embodying spirit
  • 9 Open expression


This then determines how you activate for each style of motivator. Generally it is best to focus on one Jiao when activating. Fire and Metal constitutions are UJ, Earth MJ, Water LJ, Wood is pelvis and lateral side of body.

Note there are links to acupoint pages below which are not yet public. Instead the points are named in the text.

Heart issues (6,7,9):

  • Hand on T4/T5 on back
  • Pull apart scapula
  • Bl-15 (Bl-15Bl-15) , rub rhomboids
  • CV-14 (Ren-14Ren-14) press into flesh either side sternum T3-4-5,
  • Activate fire

Core Issues (5 or 1&8)

  • Hand over lower abdomen
  • Sphincter
  • Internal obliques
  • Transverse abs
  • Diaphragm
  • Piriformis, QL
  • CV-4 CV-6 GV-4 (Ren-4Ren-4 Ren-6Ren-6 Du-4Du-4)
  • For 1 & 8 activate water
  • For 5 activate Sp-4 (Sp-4Sp-4)

Metal (6&7)

  • Breathing
  • Shoulders
  • Palpate Lung/ Large intestine channel
  • Activate metal muscles and cutaneous

Overly Controlling/ Adrenal (1&8)

  • Palpate Gastro, Soleus, Achilles, instep, BL-40 (Bl-40Bl-40)
  • Sacrospinalis, hamstrings, Glut Max
  • Activate Water

Procrastination and Stagnation (3&4)

  • Pelvic muscles
  • Gaits
  • Walking
  • Iliotibial band
  • GB-34 GB-41 (Gb-34Gb-34 Gb-41Gb-41)
  • Stagnation points (cleft points)

Over-thinking, I am everyone else (2, possibly 5)

  • Hand on Middle Jiao
  • SP-3 St-36 (Sp-3Sp-3 St-36St-36)
  • Core activations
  • Felt sense – where is inner self?
  • St-8 (St-8St-8)
  • Activate Sp & St