Intimacy and outer boundaries (Outer Frontier Gate)

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outer boundaries intimacy issues inability to share heart timid avoid social contact superficial social contact
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Intimacy and Outer Boundaries

Outer Frontier Gate SJ5

Relates to boundaries between ourselves and others, particularly boundaries that prevent intimacy with other people. The point regulates our external boundaries along a continuum of imbalance including an inability to share our heart intimately with others, to habitually only superficially expressing your heart or fire element. It can include either being timid and avoiding social contact or gregarious and seeking superficial social contact.

Breathe into centre of belly. Feel your body become centred and grounded, in the core of who you are. Recognise that strength and safety comes from being centred. Imagine being in a group of people you do not know and feeling centred, able to just be yourself, grounded in the knowledge that in being yourself you are lovable. You enjoy the social contact, feeling safe and secure in being yourself around others.