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One set of points

Abdominal massage can help restore a healthy uterus and ovaries. I often teach self-massage to my fibroid patients during consultation. Our clinic also provides a herbal cream, A Wei Gao, which has a targeted effect for fibroid treatment when paired with self-massage. Self-massage is a good method to keep pelvic blood flow smooth and to relieve the blockage of Qi. It is a simple technique, and everybody is able to learn it. The technique involves rubbing and kneading on the abdomen to relieve tension spots. You can knead with your palms or fingers around the navel with both hands clockwise and counter-clockwise. Then pat your abdomen, lower back, sacrum, hips, and afterwards proceed to the quadriceps, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs, calves, and down to the ankles.

Another set of points

Qugu (CV2)

Zigong (M-CA-18) - This acupoint is located on the lower abdomen, 4 cun directly below the umbilicus and 3 cun lateral to Zhongji (CV 3)


Sanyinjiao (SP6)

Xuehai (SP 10)

Fuliu (KI7)

Henggu (KI 11)

Shenshu (BL23)

Ciliao (BL32)


spleen deficiency or Spleen Damp - needs met?

The spleen also is thought to govern blood and hold blood inside its proper vessels. If the spleen is deficient, blood leaks from blood vessels and manifests as petechiae, melena, hematamesis, or menorrhagia. A deficient spleen will not be able to transform food fully into nutrients and energy, and the remaining liquids and solids will accumulate and form dampness.

According to TCM, the pathophysiology of uterine fibroids is as follows: Deficient spleen energy allows dampness to accumulate. The dampness stagnates and becomes phlegm, which congeals into a tumor in the uterus, known as a uterine fibroid or leiomyoma.3 Western medicine views the spleen markedly differently, and no connection between the spleen and leiomyomata is obvious. TCM can explain the presence of leiomyomata as the result of a deficient spleen. But can TCM treat fibroids?

Tonify Spleen:

Acupuncture Treatment

body acupuncture(One of)

(1) acupoint selection

Main points: uterus, curved bone and transverse bone.

M-CA-18 ZǏGŌNG Palace of the Child (Uterus)



secondary ??


(Hui Meeting Point for Blood)



(two) treatment

Each 1~2 points of the main point can be used alternately.The uterine cavity was puncturing 0.8 to 1 inches, the curved bone and the transverse bone were directly pierced 0.6 to 0.8 inches, so that the Qi was taken as the degree, while the flat reinforcing and reducing manipulation was used.The body points were taken from both sides and the auricular points were taken for unilateral rotation.Keep the needle for 15~20 minutes.Acupuncture 1 times a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.Auricular points were embedded or applied 2 times a week, 15 times as a course of treatment.

(three) efficacy evaluation

Curative effect criterion: Cure: B ultrasound examination, uterine fibroids have all disappeared; basic recovery: uterine fibroids volume reduction 2/3 above; effective: uterine fibroids volume reduction is less than 2/3; ineffective: before and after treatment, volume has not been reduced.

346 cases were cured, 288 cases (83.2%) healed, 39 cases (11.3%) were cured, 19 cases (5.5%) were effective, and the total effective rate was 100%.In the treatment of uterine fibroids, the largest child is the largest and the smallest is egg yolk.[4]

body acupuncture(Two)

(1) acupoint selection

Main points: ah Shi, Neiguan and Zhao Hai.

Ah Shi is the point of pain


The location of the acupoint: tumor.

(two) treatment

The upper acupoints were selected from both sides of the body.Shilling patients emptying urine, 3~4 points of acupuncture points, 0.6 straight to 0.8 inches, Neiguan and shigai routine acupuncture, 15~30 minutes with flat reinforcing and reducing techniques, 1 times every other day, 7 times as a course of treatment.The interval between treatment was 5 days.

(three) efficacy evaluation

20 cases were treated together, 15 cases were cured, 3 cases were markedly effective, 2 cases were effective, the total effective rate was 100%.[5]


(1) acupoint selection

Main points: Guan yuan, uterus, and Bian Bian.

possibly bian bian

Matching points: Qi Hai, blood sea, Yang Ling Quan, Sanyinjiao.

(two) treatment

The local disinfection of acupuncture points was directed at 32 points by 2 inches.After getting gas, connect the electroacupuncture apparatus, continuous wave, the output frequency is 70Hz, stimulate 10 minutes, 1 times a day, 15 times for a course of treatment, rest 7 days.

(three) efficacy evaluation

42 cases were treated by the above methods. Results 33 cases were cured, 9 cases were effective, and the effective rate was 100%.[6]

Fire needle

(1) acupoint selection

Main points: middle pole, Guan Yuan, waterway, return, ruffian root.

Acupoints: Qu Chi, Hegu, Zusanli and Shenshu.

(two) treatment

The main points and the points for Shu Shu are fire needles.The main points were taken every time, and the acupoints were added.The fire needle is a tungsten and manganese alloy needle with a length of 2 inches and a coarse 0.8mm. The tip of the needle is heated at 1cm for about 5 seconds on the flame of the alcohol lamp. The needle is rapidly red into the acupoint at 3cm in front of the needle, and then the needle is quickly extracted. The whole process should be completed in 1 seconds.Depth of acupuncture: 3cm for abdominal points, 1,5cm for Shenshu and ruffian roots.Abdominal points can be added with warm moxibustion for 15 minutes.In the acupoints, Shin Hai and Zusanli were used to add twists and turns, and the remaining points were used to drain the needles for 15~20 minutes.Treatment 3 times a week, 12 times for a course of treatment, generally need three courses.

(three) efficacy evaluation

50 cases were cured, 7 cases were cured, 18 cases were markedly effective, 17 cases were effective, 8 cases were ineffective, the total effective rate was 84%.[7]

Another set

I get acupuncture 2-3 times per week, sometimes getting electro-acupuncture on special points on my lower abdomen (called Zi Gong Xue) and/or on my legs (usually around Spleen 6) or even hands (Large Intestine 4). I was nervous the first time I had electro-acupuncture, but I promise it is nothing to be afraid of and if you are dealing with any type of pain you will be so glad you had it, since it is so wonderful at relieving pain.

Channel name and number
Actions associated with traditional use
Gall bladder 34
Yang Ling Quan
Moves blood
Ren 6
Moves blood
Spleen 10
Invigorates blood
Bladder 17
Invigorates blood
Stomach 29
Invigorates blood in the lower abdomen
Liver 3
Invigorates liver blood
Spleen 6
Invigorates liver blood
Liver 8
Qu Quan
Nourishes blood
Stomach 36
Nourishes blood
Bladder 20
Nourishes blood
Penetrating vessel spleen 4 + pericardium 6
Gongsun + Neiguan, respectively
Regulates blood

Maciocia [69] and Deadman et al. [70]