Forbidden in Pregnancy?
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Three Yin Intersection





Special Point
Key PointMaster Point

Meeting point with Liver and Kidney channels (contraindicated in pregnancy)

spleen and stomach digestion dampness liver kidneys menstruation induces labour lower jiao (lower third of body) urination genitals calms the mind invigorates blood Sp channel pain
key point for digestion vision key point for menstruation dizziness diarrhoea conception key point for sex & reproduction key point for urination insomnia eczema & skin diseases consciousness
Channel Psychology

Ki: Afraid of being alone. Afraid and anxious about others. Lv: I resent always having to look after others, my mind keeps racing. I am unable to get the most out of life.

Point Psychology
Heaviness of body sudden fright in children
Key Spirit Point Themes
True Giving

Heavy body with heaviness of the four limbs, oedema, bowel sounds, diarrhoea, undigested food in the stool, abdominal distension, cold abdomen, unbearable pain below the umbilicus, pain of the spleen, fullness and distension of the heart and abdomen, no desire to eat and drink, vomiting of fluid after eating, sudden turmoil disorder, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, uterine bleeding with dizziness, excessive menstrual bleeding, absence of menstruation, painful & difficult menstruation, abdominal masses in women, white vaginal discharge, uterine prolapse, infertility, restless foetus syndrome, transverse presentation, delayed labour, prolonged or difficult labour, retention of lochia, retention of dead foetus, post-partum dizziness, seminal emission, seminal emission with dreaming, sexual hyperactivity in men, impotence, pain of the genitals, pain of the penis, contracted testicles, acute abdominal pain & hernia, difficult urination, incontinence, the five types of painful urinary dysfunction, cloudy urine, palpitations, insomnia, sudden fright disorder in children, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, yawning, hypertension, leg pain, atrophy disorder and painful obstruction of the lower limbs, paralysis of one side of the body, heat in the soles of the feet, shin pain, eczema, hives, counterflow cold of the foot and hand


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.