Physical Condition
Lv: Stuck, life flows easily, I welcome change, resentment, anger.
 St: I let concerns over other people get in the way of my plans. I need to take care of other people first. Other people know best. Sp: Its OK to put my plans first.
Dai Mai: I choose the most acceptable alternative. I can be accepted and choose to follow my heart’s desire.
SI: I do not know when to trust others to speak the truth - I do not know the right thing to say, Ki: I am afraid of success and/or failure, Lv: I am angry with my lack of success - I find it hard to change my plans - I always compromise, Sp: I worry about succeeding/failing
Ki: Afraid of being alone. Afraid and anxious about others. Lv: I resent always having to look after others, my mind keeps racing. I am unable to get the most out of life.
Sp: worry, anxiety, over thinking, fulfilled. My best is not good enough.