Physical Condition
Sp: Everything I need can be found inside. I have compassion and empathy for myself. I must look to others and things to satisfy my needs. I need someone to make me well.
SJ: External boundaries, I do not know who I am. I am other people. I do not let people close. Intimacy. Balancing inner and outer world.
Yang Wei Mai: I have the courage to choose to live my intended destiny/ spirit path.
 Yang Qiao Mai: I worry about whether I have made the right choice. I procrastinate. 
SJ: Other people give me no choice. I need to put others first before I make choices for myself.
Ki: Afraid of being alone. Afraid and anxious about others. Lv: I resent always having to look after others, my mind keeps racing. I am unable to get the most out of life.
Gv: Not right to be supported by others, I must support others.