Balancing substances (General Biochemical Procedure)

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General Biochemical Procedure to balancing substances

This procedure is used when you already know the substance that the client is responding stressfully to. (If you have the substance place on body or if appropriate get client to taste it)

  1. Consider what the substance is and put in relevant goal. E.g. I digest, absorb and utilize this substance easily or affectively. For heavy metals it could be I process and remove this substance from this body affectively.
  2. Understanding what the substance does in the body helps the client to be more involved. So first step discuss the substance with the client. Function, common outcomes if the substance is deficient or excess in the body.
  3. Run the substance through Alarm points, Gland locations, Brain points, Riddle points (if relevant), extra 8 master points, chakras or any other system you feel relevant. E.g. Back shu points, BL17 Master blood point. (15 min)
  4. If the substance specifically relates to some organs, hold substance over organ or alarm point and test relevant muscles (AK and TCM)
    1. Other considerations:

    2. Heavy metals run through joints
    3. Allergies: Challenge against Tonsils, adrenals, heart chakra, SP (for immunity)


There are many ways to balance the body. The key is to consider what is relevant. Possible considerations

  • What showed in step 3.
  • Is the substance related to specific organ function- balance that channel
  • Consider Digestive procedures
  • For Toxicity consider NL and Hydration balance
  • Consider good home reinforcement program