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Breathing through both nostrils is important for thinking clearly. You may have noticed that when your nose is blocked it is harder to think clearly. Yogic and other eastern traditions tell us that inhalation through the right nostril causes a positive electrical current to flow down the right side of the spine, while an inhalation through the left nostril sends a negative electrical current down the left side of the spine.

Under normal circumstances our breathing dominance pattern alternates between right and left approximately every 20 minutes. This is the body’s way of keeping polarity balance. When one of our nostrils becomes blocked and we are unable to balance ionisation midline balance, centring and functional balance between the cerebral hemispheres of the brain can be affected, pre-empting dyslexic pattern responses.

Have the client breathe in one nostril and then the other. If one nostril is blocked or partly blocked proceed to correction.

Hold LI 20’s bilaterally while the client takes long slow breaths

Block the right nostril and breathe in, then block the left nostril and breathe out. Then block the left nostril and breathe in, then block the right nostril and breathe out. Repeat 6 or 7 times then re-monitor.


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