Bl52 Room of Will/ Palace of Essence—Water Point

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Individual Sprit Points
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spirit purpose life purpose destiny heart original nature
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Ba Gua

Room of Will/Palace of Essence


This point helps a person to use their will to direct the mind into the depths of self to rediscover our spirit purpose/ life purpose/ destiny, helping to allow us to fully express our heart in the world. It can soften an overly hard will or strengthen the will to help tap our unused potential. It brings together the heart and destiny by improving understanding of our potential (Jing) - life essence - which is encoded with memories of our original nature.

Under-active will: Imagine being able to do what is most important for you in your life in the way that you want. Imagine achieving what is most important to you.
Overactive will: Imagine feeling like you are heading in the direction of your choice, flowing with the tide of life like a river through rambling hills. As you flow along feel the joy of feeling free to just go with the flow and live your truth. Allow yourself to be diverted around obstacles, at peace knowing that you still have a firm idea of where you are eventually heading and understanding that each diversion provides an opportunity for a different view of your path and thus an opportunity for further learning and enjoyment.


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