Finding brightness within (Spirit Seal)

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Individual Sprit Points
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sealed heart lacks authority inner knowing
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Spirit Seal


Ki23 is useful for a person whose heart spirit has been sealed so that the brightness of life cannot shine through and he cannot activate his inborn potential. He will have a lack of authority on all levels, out of touch with his purpose in life and spiritual identity. This point can help us to see that we should choose a course of action from within, without needing external confirmation. We need only follow the inner knowing in our heart that is connected with our spirit and God. It helps re-establish the connection between the potential present in Ki with the purpose mandated from the heart.

Imagine climbing a large rock formation. Near the top you find a path no one else has taken that leads to a small uprising of rock. Before this mound is a big boulder blocking the entrance to a cave within the mound. In this mound is your spirit, sealed by you at some earlier time. To truly activate your full potential it is important to get back in contact with this spiritual aspect of yourself. It can provide you with direction and purpose. When you are ready you are able to explode the boulder by using your will and pointing. Move into the cave and look around. It will seem familiar, as if you have come home. You feel at peace with yourself and life here. If you think of a major decision you are currently facing, in this place you should feel instinctively the best path to take.


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