BL44 Awareness (Shen Hall)

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Individual Sprit Points
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express our true selvessense of propriety
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Ba Gua

Hall of Shen


We feel most in control of our life when we are expressing our inner nature in harmony with the outer world. This point brings this all together, allowing us to express our true selves in our life in harmony with the world. It brings clarity and a sense of propriety to our actions and life.

With an open heart comes a greater awareness of the wonders of life. In holding this point we see the world through the eyes of the child, seeing the world as it is, not as we expect it to be. This child like sense of wonder and joy brightens our life and brings us back in harmony and in tune with the world.

Imagine yourself in a room within a palace, surrounded by huge marble pillars, beautiful scents permeate the room, and you become aware of the huge royal drums beating. They beat in harmony with the rhythm of life, in harmony with the universe; they bring peace and harmony to every cell of your being. As the beat resonates through all the cells of your body you become aware of the tunes of the universe, the rhythm of life, the beauty of life. You feel your awareness of life around expand as your heart opens. This state of harmony and awareness we reach when we love our true self and open our heart to the world.


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