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Emotions unblock our creativity writers block lack of change let go of old traumas move forward
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Lv13 The Opening of a beautiful composition

Location: Mid axillary line just below the end of the 11th floating rib (midline of side almost level with umbilicus).

The characters of this point symbolise a gateway to a beautiful new chapter of a book. This point helps us create and write a beautiful new chapter in life. It is useful when it is time to begin a new chapter in our life story. By stepping forward we are able to develop greater richness in our life. It may be that we move homes, develop new relationships, change jobs or embark on new adventures.

This point helps us let go of old traumas and injuries and move forward in life. When we are too influenced by the past, creativity is difficult because we are weighed down by ingrained thought patterns. For example we may feel wronged because an injustice has occurred. If we hold on to this sense of injustice it prevents us moving on. To move on we need to see past this injustice, looking beyond right and wrong, beyond the actions of ourselves and others to what lies inside. When we do this, we foster a sense of benevolence towards ourselves and others and this allows our self to be free to be ourselves and allow others to just be themselves.

This point helps unblock our creativity, whether it is causing writers block or just a lack of change in life.

Visualisation: Think of the situations or events that are holding you back from being free to be yourself and express your true self in your life. It may be an injustice, or trauma, or anything you blame for holding you back (pause). To move on you need to decide to grow from this experience, to change your outlook, see beyond the actions or events. If you grow, the event or trauma will have had a positive influence on your life. Any event can be transformed from a negative to a positive if we use the personal challenges as a spring-board to improving our relationship with ourselves. When we see beyond the actions of others to what lies inside we also free ourselves from having to act according to our rigid expectations, and instead just be able to express what lies inside.


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