Pure Yang

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Pure Yang

GB14 Yang Bai – Pure clear energy of yang

Location: on forehead, 1 cun above midpoint of eyebrow directly above the pupil.

At this point five yang channels meet. This point represents pure yang. Yang is the sunny side of the mountain, bright, clear, strong, and warm. The point name relates to seeing things clearly. Bai is symbolic of something that is empty. When our mind is empty we are more able to see things clearly- taking in all that we see. When our mind is full we tend to be distracted to a point of recognising very little of what is seen.

Seeing clearly helps us tap into pure yang energy, providing a basis for clear decisions, growth, movement and change.

Imagine: looking at your life afresh, not from the eyes of experience and your limiting beliefs about how life should be but from the perspective of how it is. This point can help shake up your view of life so that you see reality for what it is rather than what you believe it to be. Seeing through the heart and spirit generates great clarity and provides the impetus for change.


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