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GB29 Ju Liao – Dwell in the strength and protection of bone

Location: halfway between anterior superior iliac spine and the trochanter.

The character Ju relates to a man who finds a seat to rest on and Liao which relates to bone. Bones are symbolic of our core or inner structure that provides protection and safety. This point unites Yang Qiao and Yang Wei as well as the Gall Bladder channel. All three channels relate to movement and taking action in life. This point lies near the pelvis which is responsible for providing the foundation for the legs to propel us through life.

In order to move well in life it is important to move from a stable centre. If we are not still within we may move in circles, take contradictory routes or fight ourselves every step of the way. This point provides rest and protection and a stable foundation for change and movement. Here we are able to find safety in the depths of our self and a place of stillness from which to move decisively along our path.

Exercise: Imagine feeling totally at one with the action and decisions you are taking, allowing you to move freely and decisively.


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