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GB16 Mu Chian – The eye’s window

Location: on a line above the centre of each eye, 2 cun within hairline.

The character Chuang relates to an opening over a window that is shuttered. This point combines the energy of the Yang Wei Mai which helps to break through our preconceptions and usual ways of viewing things with the Gall Bladder channel’s responsibility for vision.

This point helps us to see things as they are, without judgement or prejudice. It enables us to see with spirit and see spirit around us. When we do this, we appreciate the beauty in all things, including the beauty within. Lonny Jarrett uses this point for clients that focus so much on external constraints to their happiness that they do not recognise changes that are occurring within themselves as they progress through treatment.

Judgement separates us. It involves focussing on actions, and seeing duality – right and wrong, black and white. When we break things down we lose track of the whole. A famous Chinese scholar said “those that discriminate fail to see”. This point enables us to see things as they are, without judgement.

Imagine: moving over to a window with shutters closed. Open the shutters so that you can look out on your life seeing things clearly as they are.


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