Di Wu Hui – 5 seasonal meetings of earth (GB-42)

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Di Wu Hui – 5 seasonal meetings of earth (GB-42)

Location: on the foot between the 4th and fifth toes, proximal to the metatarso-phalangeal joints

Di is drawn as the earth and a vessel. It is symbolic of earth. Wu was originally drawn as an X which is symbolic of a central point where four points cross in the middle. The centre is an immovable reference point. The character for Hui is symbolic of the collection of things into the whole, to meet, assemble, collect and to understand. It relates closely to the concept of assimilating the whole – seeing the big picture.

So together this point relates to the harmonious meeting of all five elements. It helps us assimilate the whole. Instead of being focussed on a particular worry or detail we are able to grasp the bigger picture. With this vision comes a sense of power and often the impetus for change. In seeing the whole we pursue change that is most in keeping with our true self and purpose in life.

Visualisation for GB-27 and GB-42:

Take three deep breaths. Breathe into your belly. Become aware of your thoughts. Let them come and go. Focus on the sensations in your body. In your feet, legs, back, hands, arms, neck, head, face, jaw. (pause) How does your whole life make you feel?
Allow images of your whole life to come and notice any changes in the sensations in your body. Does your life feel right? Does it reflect your innate self?
Once you get a firm impression of how your life is now, allow inspiration and insights to come in regard to changes you can make that will allow your life to be a truer reflection of your innate self.


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