Primary Brain Points

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Acupuncture Points

Primary Brain Points

The primary brain points deal with all aspects of brain function, for example, any confusion, stress, spatial disorientation, left/right switching, up/down switching, front/back switching.

There are two primary brain points.

GV20 – point of hundred meetings – is a major connecting point and relates to:

  • Heart-brain and mind-spirit aspects of brain, higher order thinking
  • Connects with the brain survival centers (limbic and brain stem)
  • Relates especially to brain integration and coordination of function

GV24 – courtyard of the spirit – is the primary concrete reasoning point and relates to:

  • Concrete reasoning, logical thinking and analysis
  • Connects to the St channel and the frontal cortex

You can use the primary brain points throughout a balance to help reduce confusion around each aspect of a given issue, helping the client to gain better understanding and process the stressors around an issue. They are also extremely useful for working with any learning difficulty. The primary brain points can also be used to clear any U/F or O/F muscle state.