Ileocecal Valve BC10

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Ileocecal Valve BC10


  1. P/L Digital Indicator
  2. CH ICV: Push in midway between right ASIS and navel and tug towards opposite shoulder & towards ASIS – P/I/C – P/L
  3. Activate from the following checklist:
    • P/L SI and LI A/Ps simultaneously
    • Monitor Quadriceps, TFL
    • Monitor Middle Deltoid, Hamstrings, Quadratus Lumborum, Psoas, Iliacus
    • Rub NL LI and SI
    • Lightly hold valve (like a NV) and points medial to left shoulder
    • TL valve and tap Bl-1 Bl-1 (TL Therapeutic location - client locates)
    • CH Vagus nerve (X), sacrum (parasympathetic innervation)
      • Vagus - Are we in SNS or PNS?
      • Can also activate SocNS
    • CH T8-L2 (sympathetic innervation)
    • Rub reflex points on right side of C3 and right medial shoulder
    • Rub down across zygomatic arch with priority respiration
    • Rub foot reflexology point above the heel on outside of right foot
    • CH Adrenals
    • CH Candida
    • CH SI, LI emotions
    • Find context - BP, Eye Modes, Amygdala, Emotion, Essence, Past/Future resolution, VRP etc and


  • CH for correction from Indicators (anything in bold) or IP/DI till clear.

Home Reinforcement:

  • Drink plenty of water (no water 15 mins before meals to 1 hour after meals)
  • Avoid stimulants and irritants - tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, peppers, spices, excess raw food and roughage - particularly wheat
  • Refer for supplementation - Chlorophyll, Slippery Elm, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B, Probiotics
Consider also the Regulatory Balance to address underlying causes of stagnation

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