Eye disorders

Physical Condition
Lv: Stuck, life flows easily, I welcome change, resentment, anger.
 Ht: There is nothing wrong with me. I can’t love myself. I am angry at myself. SI: I learn & change. I am afraid of changing. Things only get worse.
 Pc: I am angry about being hurt.
 SJ: I am angry about being betrayed.
Bl: I need approval; I am free to be myself. Control. I’m in charge of my life. SI: I am rejected, I choose to learn from life, I understand and am in control of myself. St: I am content & in control, I need to live up to other people’s expectations, I am frustrated by others, other people disappoint me. GB: I make free choices, I resent my lack of freedom, insecure, I need to consider others when making choices for myself. SJ: I am always right. My way is the right way. Gv: I must support others to be loved.
SJ: My choices are betrayed by others. I need to take others into account when making choices for myself.
 SI: I am free to communicate what is in my heart. I choose to be myself with others.
SJ: External boundaries, I do not know who I am. I am other people. I do not let people close. Intimacy. Balancing inner and outer world.