Dreams - Nightmares

Physical Condition
More Specific Condition
Related Condition
GB: I worry about the choices I make. I am afraid to choose. Lv: I resent always having to look after others, my mind keeps racing. I am unable to get the most out of life.
LI: I let go of my worries, move ahead in life with joy. Depression.Lu: I need to protect others. I am afraid to let go of the past.
Lu: Grieving over being neglected by others, or having lost connection with myself. Lost connection with spirit. LI: Letting go of the need to be praised, rewarded and accepted. Finding the value within instead of in what money can buy.
St: Responsibility for all my needs being satisfied. Blame others for what I don’t have.
Sp: Worry about losing what I have, worry about being responsible.