Cranial/Pelvic Reflexes

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Centering centering technique core foundation core issues survival equilibrium problems postural problems upper and lower body co-ordination primitive reflexes

Cranial/Pelvic Reflexes St2

The Cranial/Pelvic reflexes are extremely important for integrating the head and pelvis. These reflexes provide a foundation for all upright movement that occurs in life and thus are extremely important for clinical work, particularly when we are addressing issues related to our core, structure, movement or brain function. They are beneficial when working with core foundation / core issues, survival, equilibrium problems, postural problems, upper and lower body co-ordination or primitive reflexes.

The reflexes were developed in AK literature. The pelvic reflexes are on origin/insertion points for major core and pelvic muscles – e.g. abdominals, gracilis, adductors and hamstrings. The cranial reflexes are also on attachment points for the major muscles and fascia of the neck and spine, while the head righting reflexes include the ‘major motor units of the neck’ – major proprioceptive areas for the neck extensors. When you rub these reflexes you are directly stimulating the motor and sensory areas of the brain by sending neurological signals from these areas. By receiving these signals in various combinations the brain is able to more effectively assess the body’s position in space and adapt its motor programs accordingly. It is highly recommended to combine rubbing of the reflexes with movement of the eyes, as this neurologically simulates actual movement.

The reflexes are extremely useful as activation or correction for any postural issue, particularly when working directly with the pelvis and neck. As well as this they have proven highly effective in helping to integrate mental or emotional changes into the physical body, by rubbing them after other corrections have been performed. This also has a very grounding effect and so can also assist with clients who are ungrounded or off-balance at the conclusion of a correction process.

Pelvic Cranial Reflex Table

Pelvic Cranial Reflex Reference Chart