Ht3 Shao Hai – Little inner se

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connection with the innate fear of opening bitterness unlovable allow ourselves to shine

Ht3 Shao Hai – Little inner sea

Location: medial end of elbow crease in the depression anterior to the medial epicondyle of the humerus

This point is the water point on the Heart channel. Water is important for balancing fire. It provides connection with the innate and can cool an overly hot nature. The point relates particularly to fear of opening. When we get hurt and shut down, it just hurts ourself. Hurt is the emotion we feel when we shut down. We project this hurt onto others, but it was our response to others that created the hurt. If we continue to be closed the hurt will fester and create bitterness. The expression will leave our face and people will find it hard to understand and bond with us. This will reinforce the notion that we are unlovable.

This point reminds us of the beauty of what is inside and the insight that trust is the precondition to sharing. By opening we allow ourselves to shine, and we experience joy. This type of opening is a two-step process – first we need to connect inwardly and be at peace with what is inside. Second, we need to allow what is inside to be expressed on the outside. When we do that our face becomes expressive, people understand and bond easily with us, and we get to live life fully.


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