Evoking Miracles and Fulfilling Potential (Heart Kidney Axis)

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The Heart Spirit Heart Balance of Yin and Yang overcome major hurdles transformation spirit purpose destiny
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Evoking Miracles and Fulfilling Potential

Gv10 + Gv11 and/or +K23+Ki24 Ki25

Relates to:

  • The Heart Spirit - Ling and Shen Balance
  • Heart - Kidney Axis Balance
  • Fundamental Balance of Yin and Yang

These points relate to balancing the two aspects of heart spirit – the Ling and the Shen. The Shen relates to consciousness or the yang aspect of heart spirit. The Ling is the inner transformative yin aspect. When these are aligned our expression of our heart - self possession, compassion and love – reflects what is in our heart. By aligning with this inner heart and expressing its truth much can be accomplished, major hurdles overcome, and many aspects of ourselves transformed.

These points are on the Ki channel but lie over the heart. They relate to the alchemy of Shen and ling, the balance between yin and yang of the human spirit. They help bridge the gap between life’s potential and its intended action by linking the potential of water with the inner aspect of the heart that provides the purpose.

Gv10 and Gv11 are often used together to quieten the heart and uplift our spirits in times of depression and sedate in times of mania.

Visualise: Take three long, slow, deep breaths. Focus on your heart and breathe in love for yourself, seeing past the rights and wrongs of your actions. In your heart of hearts you have pure motivations and would prefer everyone to have peace and happiness in their lives. When your actions are not consistent with your inner intentions, that does not change what is in your heart. Your actions are your actions, what is in your heart is you. Breathe out the stresses and allow in that love for your heart. Fill your heart to the brim with energy and light and then let it explode outwards to fill the room. Imagine showing what is in your heart to others and letting your love and compassion flow outwards towards others and inwards towards yourself. Imagine fully expressing what is in the depths of your being in your life fulfilling your potential to shine in the way that resonates most with the core of who you are.

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  • The Heart Spirit - Ling and Shen Balance
  • Heart - Kidney Axis Balance
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