Dao/God (The Great Abyss)

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Letting Go Transformation
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The Dao/God

The Great Abyss Lu9

Relates to the gate that serves as the womb and tomb of all creation. The abyss relates to the Dao, which gives birth to all things and then receives them back at death. Lu9 is a contact point with spiritual unity / the Dao. It is useful through times of transition, where one phase is dying and another is being born. During those times it helps to tap the limitless creative and destructive energy of our source.

Visualise a giant door with two guards either side that are always there protecting the entrance. To enter you must activate your will and make a decision to give up [your past behaviour] and adopt [new behaviour]. When this decision is made a ticket will form in your hand and you can hand this to the guards and enter. As the huge doors swing open you enter, discard your clothing and [your old behaviour] and peer inside. You see the infinity of spirit and your spirit path, (pause), realise you are in a revolving door and are coming out the way you entered. Re-entering the world as a new person


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