Connection with Dao (Spirit Burial Ground)

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Individual Sprit Points
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Connection to the Dao or spirit power to effect change
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Spirit Burial Ground


Connection to the Dao or spirit. With connection the person feels like a potent and effective force in the world. It provides the power and potential for the heart spirit to effect change. Without spirit the person feels exhausted, dried up, sad, growing increasingly cut off from his spiritual source and power in life and life is barren. Brings water to the desert so that life may flourish.

Visualise a vast desert landscape. This is your inner landscape. When you are ready use your will to make it rain and watch as the landscape fills with life. The rain represents the nourishment that you derive when in contact with spirit. See how it transforms your inner landscape and allow it to invigorate and nourish you. Recognise that your inner landscape is truly beautiful when allowed to flourish and express its true potential.


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