Connection to external spirit (Spirit door)

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Individual Sprit Points
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centre the body-mind depression major emotional turmoil
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Hundred meetings / Spirit Door


Spiritual alignment of all aspects of the human. Gv20 relates to the meeting point of the hundred aspects of our spirit. It establishes harmony by controlling the waters of chaos. It helps to centre the body-mind on a basic level, restoring control, aligning all aspects of ourselves and quelling chaos. Aligns us to both the heart and heaven. Useful for depression and major emotional turmoil.

Check whether to use the following vitalisation or the Spirit Door procedure.

Visualise a meeting of the 100 chiefs on top of a giant mountain. Each chief represents a part of you, of your spirit/ mind/ brain and body. The discord you have had within you can end now if all aspects decide to follow the one true leader, the heart. It is in the heart that your spirit resides and it is through the heart that you connect to spirit. Allow the heart to stand above you, and each part of you to bond in turn to the heart with a connection of love, symbolised by a brilliant white light. When all aspects connect a melding takes place and all become one. One purpose, one direction, a common power, love and respect. You are now ready to unleash that tremendous potential as you walk your chosen path.


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