Benevolence (Door to Ethereal Soul)

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Individual Sprit Points
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move beyond judgement to just be allow our soul to flow being our true selves
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Door to the Ethereal Soul


This point relates to how we view ourselves. Do we focus on our actions and created self or are we able to strip away our personality and actions to observe what is underneath. When we focus on our actions we judge them. Judgement implies right and wrong and constrains our expression.

If we move beyond judgement we can allow ourselves to just be, and allow others to just be. The objective is to allow our soul to flow without constraint. This is true freedom. It is the freedom that comes from being our true selves. This comes only when we accept our spirit/soul and other people’s spirit for what they are. This allows us to be benevolent towards ourselves and others.

Look at your life at the moment, viewing it afresh, aware of all the areas of your life where you constrain the expression of your inner self/spirit. In what ways are you not free to be yourself? Now think of a person that you feel totally relaxed being around just being yourself. It may be a grandparent, partner or a friend. If you cannot think of a person then imagine being by yourself. Get a sense of the freedom that comes with just being you. Now imagine being this way in all aspects of your life. No longer judging or being judged but being and letting be.


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