Alchemical change (Blue Green Spirit)

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Individual Sprit Points
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Alchemy Ritual and the Heart
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Alchemical Change

Blue Green Spirit - Heart 2

For Alchemy, Ritual and the Heart

Provides for spiritual balance. It relates to being able to remain composed and reverent in spirit enabling the person to able to use the transformative the fire of life, located in the dantian (hara centre), to create new growth and allow the heart to rule his life effectively. When unbalanced the person feels out of synch with life, may suffer from palpitations, insomnia or stuttering, appear shaky and frightened.

This is a very potent point for producing major change.

Speak to the client about the need to allow the heart to command the mind and control our life, and that if we put the heart first, amazing transformation can take place.


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