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St19 Bu Rong – Uncentred and uneasy

Location: 6 cun above the umbilicus, 2 cun lateral to midline.

The character for Bu relates to a bird that flies away straight towards the sky. The character for Rong is of a cover over a valley or hollow. It is symbolic of covering up what lies within, like when we wear a mask and hide what is in our heart. Together these characters relate to being off centre and ill at ease with life. If our life is not an expression of what is inside, it feels false and this can put us off centre.

In nature after a flood, crops do not initially grow so well and animals are displaced. They need to find their home, their centre in order to grow and live well again. This point helps us find our centre, so that fear, unease and imbalance transforms into balance, stability and ease. It helps ease the mind that is worried and oversensitive to the world around, taking everything personally.

Exercise: breathe deeply into your belly and focus on your belly. Feel it rise and fall. When you are ready connect with your centre within, your core/inner self. Imagine a good balanced feeling or light emanating from your centre, feeling reassuring, comforting, and grounding..


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