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Sp16 Fu Ai – To caress our laments with compassion

Location: 3 cun above umbilicus, 4 cun lateral of midline.

This point helps us deal with sadness. This sadness may come from the belief that our needs in life will never be met. We may feel lonely, longing for something better, barren. It is important to allow tears to flow and cleanse our sorrow so that we can heal and move on. Sadness relates to not accepting reality. We know the truth in our hearts. If our head denies the truth then it drives a wedge between our head and heart. To move on from sadness the first step is to accept what has happened. This point helps us to do this by allowing us to be cradled in the comforting arms of mother earth, experiencing its compassion so that we can move onto brighter times.

Exercise: focus on your sadness and your loss. What has changed that is hard to accept? What is your new reality? Imagine comforting yourself as you come to accept your new reality.


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