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Psychological Reversal (Ps6)

It is useful to check for psychological reversal for each new goal or issue. When making a positive statement the subconscious mind and the conscious mind can be in conflict.

Sometimes you may have a ‘conflict’ - you may want to do and not do something, eg. you want to give up smoking but you fear the repercussions (how will I cope when I am stressed?) or have some secondary gain from the negative pattern and not wish to give that up (smoking makes me look cool).


  1. P/L Digital Indicator
  2. Find context - does it relate to the goal, a recent issue or statement etc. - use emotion, flower essences
  3. Set up Yes/No testing: Explain to client and demonstrate a Yes/No test using I/M Test for Reversal in a Specific Statement or goal:
  4. Say positive statement or think of positive goal, eg. “I enjoy studying”
    • If I/M locks (ie. Yes) then OK - client wants to achieve goal subconsciously
    • If I/M unlocks (ie. No) then reversed - subconsciously do not want to achieve the goal
  5. Check opposite (negative) of statement eg. “I do not enjoy studying”
    • If I/M locks (ie. Yes) - then reversed subconsciously they do not want to achieve the goal
    • If I/M unlocks (ie. No) - then OK: suggests subconscious beliefs consistent with goal


DI to correct

Home Reinforcement:

Repeat positive statement. CH how many times, how many times per day, how many days.

References: Deal S, pp.153-154