Fear / Phobia / Inhibition

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Fear / Phobia / Inhibition (Ps21)

Fear relates to withdrawing or running away from danger. Fears tend to inhibit a person’s expression. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder where people have persistent fear about an object or situation.

Beneficial For

Working on specific fears and phobias can help provide greater freedom and choice for clients.


  1. CH Digit Indicator - P/I/C - P/L
  2. Identify the fear, phobia or inhibition. Does it relate to:
    • the goal
    • a recent issue or emotion
    • an activity
    • an object
    • an animal or insect etc.
    • something else?
    • Find a time frame, check emotion charts, flower essences etc.

  3. Evaluate, on an analogue scale from 0-10, the intensity of the fear, phobia or inhibition or the stress it creates in the person’s life.

Set up

  1. Visualise fear, phobia or inhibition, act it out - P/L
  2. Make it as real as possible - but not to overwhelm them, build up in stages clearing as you go. Eg. You may need to start with a picture of a spider first then work up to the most real aspect slowly

  3. Get the client to feel where in the body the feel that feeling (use felt sense) P/L
  4. CH Age recession to establish specific trigger event – discuss with client


  1. Have client focus on felt sense associated with the fear/phobia
  2. Hold ESR points while they sit with the feeling


  1. Re-evaluate the level of intensity related to the issue on the analogue scale from 0---10, if above 2 repeat process or IP/DI and clear

Home Reinforcement

  1. Felt sense while thinking about the phobia/fear

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