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Eye Modes

The eye modes are widely used in kinesiology to find information about the type of thought processes the client uses, or has used in a particular situation.


  1. Have client look into each of the eye directions while testing the I/M – I/C P/L
  2. Discuss the meaning in relation to their goal
  3. Continue and repeat procedure until none of the eye modes show an I/C

VR Visual Recall (Visual Remembered)

Seeing images from the memory, recalling things you have seen before.

QUESTION: "What colour was the room you grew up in?" "What colour is your bedroom now?" "What does your coat look like?"

VC Visual Constructed (Visual Created)

Images of things that you have never seen before. When you are making it up in your head, you are using Visual Constructed.

QUESTION: "What would your room at home look like if it were blue?" "What would your dog look like if it had the head of an elephant?"

(In addition, some people access visually by defocusing their eyes. When this happens, the eyes will usually stay in the centre.)

AR Auditory Recall (Auditory Remembered)

Is when you remember sounds or voices that you've heard before or things that you've said to yourself before. When you ask someone, "What was the very last thing I said?” they typically look in that direction.

QUESTION: "Can you remember the sound of your mother's voice?"

AC Auditory Constructed (Auditory Created)

Is making up sounds that you've not heard before. This may be imagining a conversation, or composing a new tune in your head.

QUESTION: "What would I sound like if I had Donald Duck's voice?" "What would Swan Lake sound like if it were played on bagpipes?"

AD Auditory Digital (Talking to yourself)

This is where your eyes move when you're having internal dialogue.

QUESTION: "Can you talk to yourself silently?"

K Kinaesthetic (Feelings, Sense of Touch)

You generally look in this direction when you're accessing your feelings.

QUESTION: "What does it feel like to touch that rug?"

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