Attitudes to Pain

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pain emotional pain mental suffering physical pain behavioural patterns acute pain chronic pain


When suffering either emotionally, mentally or physically a person has a certain pattern of behaviour that meets the pain, either to transcend it, learn from it or keep it. These patterns are often inherited behaviours from our family of origin. Often these patterns of behaviours allow one to satisfy their needs, but they may prevent the person learning the real lesson they need to learn and thus hinder personal growth and development and subsequently develop greater awareness.

It is often not what happens to us, but how we can use the experiences and what is learnt from them to better our conscious behaviours and enrich our lives. A useful tool to challenge when a client is either in acute or chronic pain. Score pain from 0 - 10 if pain is present.

The twelve basic attitudes to pain

  1. Armouring—I use pain to gain strength. I cannot ask for help.
  2. Blame—I am helpless because of pain. Everything is against me.
  3. Martyrdom—I must suffer to grow. I must take on the pain of others.
  4. Anxiety—I fear the worst. I might die.
  5. Solitude—I must be alone to suffer. No - one understands.
  6. Pity—I have nothing. I have no-one.
  7. Pessimism—There is no cure. No-one can heal me.
  8. Territories—They have taken everything. There is nothing but pain.
  9. Identification—Without my pain I have no purpose. I use my pain to communicate.
  10. Guilt—It is my fault. I deserve to suffer.
  11. Dependence—My pain drives me to... (E.g. drink.) Without medication I cannot survive.
  12. Religious—It is my fate to suffer. It is God's will.


  1. P/L DI
  2. Identify the associated Attitude to Pain.
  3. Use double supraspinatus and repeat both statements.
  4. P/L the unlocking statement(s).
  5. Discuss for further understanding, and identify the positive affirmation. Eg
    • I believe I am good enough
    • I believe people understand me
    • I believe there are people who love me
  6. If there is an injury or pain, also P/L the symptom.


  1. Challenge age recession.
  2. Repeat the double negative whilst eyes are in all primary eye modes
  3. For example:

    I no longer need to believe that... I deserve to suffer.
    I no longer need to believe that... it is God's will.

    Repeat until able to be said without stress.

  4. Identify positive affirmation if haven't already done so (better to have done this already in indicators)
  5. State the positive affirmation in all primary eye modes.
  6. IP/DI until Clear
  7. Current Age - IP/DI until Clear


  1. State the attitude to pain with double supraspinatus. Should now lock.
  2. CL any areas of pain and ask the client to score their pain on a scale from 0 to 10
  3. CH Suppression.