SJ15 Tian Liao – Bone of Heaven

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYin Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
integrate spirit spirit wisdom inner essence external spirit embodying spirit emotionally cold shut-down shutdown frozen shoulders connect with others

SJ15 Tian Liao – Bone of Heaven

Location: suprascapular fossa, above GB21 which is at the medial end of the suprascapular fossa.

Tian is drawn as a man reaching up to the heavens. Liao relates to bones. This point resides on the shoulder, at a point that can be conceived as residing between the body (representing earth) and the head (representing heaven). The characters of this point relate to the power of heaven taking root in our deepest structures, providing structure and strength. Bones are symbolic of our depths. This point helps us integrate spirit and the wisdom that comes from spirit into our lives. It provides a connection between our inner essence and external spirit.

This point is not about intellectually knowing spirit. It is about embodying spirit. Feeling a connection with spirit in our body, in our depths. When we are emotionally cold or shut down particularly to being intimate with others our shoulders often become inflexible and frozen. This point helps us reach out to people and to be touched by the world.

Imagine: letting go of your thoughts and distractions, of your doubts and hurts and allowing yourself to have a sense of deep connection with spirit, felt within your bones and body. (pause) This connection enables you to connect intimately with others.