GB27 Wu Shu – Central pivot point of five

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Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMDai Mai Points
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change moving through change flexibility move in any direction stuck specific direction

GB27 Wu Shu – Central pivot point of five

Location: just medial of the anterior superior iliac spine (front pelvic bump) 3 cun below umbilicus.

This is a central pivot point. Wu was originally drawn as an X which is symbolic of a central point where four points cross in the middle. The centre is an immovable reference point. Then a line was added above and below the X symbolising heaven and earth, yin and yang. It relates to all the seasons, all the elements, and reaching the end of one phase and being ready to pivot towards the next phase. Thus it relates directly to change and moving easily through times of change.

This point gives us the flexibility to be able to move through times of change, move in any direction, rather than being stuck to the specific direction that we have been moving in.

Visualisation: Take three deep breaths. Breathe into your belly. Become aware of your thoughts. Let them come and go. Focus on the sensations in your body. In your feet, legs, back, hands, arms, neck, head, face, jaw. (pause) How does your whole life make you feel? Allow images of your whole life to come and notice any changes in the sensations in your body. Does your life feel right? Does it reflect your innate self?
Once you get a firm impression of how your life is now, allow inspiration and insights to come in regard to changes you can make that will allow your life to be a truer reflection of your innate self.