GB21 Jian Jing - Well of the shoulder

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Wei Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
Shoulder burden see clearly vision heart wisdom accept oneself accept others ease inner peace head-heart connection

GB21 Jian Jing - Well of the shoulder

Location: medial end of the suprascapular fossa

The characters for this point relate to a water well and to carry a burden on the shoulders. This point enables us to shoulder the burden of life. It infuses us with the energy required to shoulder our burden and dig deep within ourselves for clarity and inspiration. When we lose track of the insights and benevolence of the heart we can become overly judgemental about ourselves and others. This creates tension within and often leads to tight and inflexible shoulders and neck.

This point helps open us to see things more clearly, with vision driven by the heart we come to accept ourselves and others more readily and this helps us bear the burden of obstacles on our path with ease, maintaining our inner peace. Similar to the last point, it fosters a connection between the head (heaven) and the heart and body (earth).

Imagine: seeing beyond your actions and the actions of others to what lies in your heart and the heart of others. When we see from our heart we no longer need to be judgemental of ourselves and others.