GB18 Cheng Ling – Receiving of Spirit

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Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Wei Mai Points
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Receiving spirit insight to balance head ling transform open up receive inspire creativity ritual inspiration Intuition insight bigger picture

GB18 Cheng Ling – Receiving of Spirit

Location: 1.5 cun posterior to GB17, 5 cun inside hairline.

This is a special point because it relates to a very important aspect of spirit – Ling. The character of Ling is symbolic of spirit being able to transform or create something from nothing. Cheng relates to receiving. This point allows us to open and receive the gifts from heaven. This helps to provide the power to transform our lives and to fill it with grace and wonder. It can help inspire our creativity in every aspect of our lives, realising our potential to create each moment of our life afresh.

When we live in an upright manner (

– the previous point) our original nature (Jing) is transformed into Ling. When we live consistent with our spiritual roots, we are so unified with spirit that we are able to fully tap into the great power and gifts of spirit.

Ling is associated with rituals, like the rain dance which is performed to use the power of spirit to transform the weather. Similarly, we can use ritual in our life to aid our own path. Prayer has been conclusively shown to improve the chances of recovery from serious illness. When we act with virtue rituals and prayer take on great power because we are open to receiving the full gifts of spirit.

When we close off to our deeper insights and wisdom we also close down to receiving these gifts of spirit. Our view of life becomes one dimensional – limited by the rational and the logical. Intuition, insight and the ‘bigger picture’ are lost. This point helps us to re- establish the links between both types of understanding so that we can see life more clearly.

Exercise: Think of an aspect of life that you would like to transform. Create a ritual to ask for the help of spirit to transform this area of life. This ritual may be a statement, movement, drawing, evocation or prayer or anything that comes to mind. The ritual shoud involve the commitment from yourself to adhere to your truth in confronting this aspect/ problem in your life. Allow yourself to open to change and receiving help to transform this area of your life. Open up to your intuition and wisdom so that you can bring understanding and insight to your problem.