Life journey (Spirit path)

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life journey all-empowering vision original nature empowerment powerful
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Spirit Path

Gv11 also Ht4

Gv11 is important point for life-journey work. Helps you understand the connections between different life events and to see the key threads and issues common to the major events of our life. It may provide vision that shakes our view of reality in a way that provides a glimpse of original nature.

This new view may come as an all-empowering vision of the significance and interrelationships of the events in our life. Often this vision produces a euphoric reaction, as everything becomes clear, and the person feels empowered. This can fluctuate with depression until this new vision is fully understood and acted on. This point is useful for quieting the mania and uplifting the heart during depression and is often used in combination with Gv10.

Visualise: Allow images of your life to drift through your mind. As I hold this point you may begin to notice patterns in your life that were not obvious before. You may have a vision of your future or an insight into a relationship, you may get a feeling that everything will work out alright. Allow yourself to receive whatever impressions are most important for you now in moving forward on your path.