Intimacy and inner boundaries (Inner Frontier Gate)

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Inner intentionCalms a restless heartquiets the mindbetrayal of intimacy (divorce - rape - incest)rapeincest
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Intimacy and Inner Boundaries

Inner Frontier Gate Pc6

Important for directing our intention into the depths of our heart. Calms a restless heart and quiets the mind confused by issues of an intimate relationship. Essential point for treating betrayal of intimacy as occurs in rape, incest or divorce.

Focus on your heart. As you look closer you can see a tiny door in the middle of the heart. This is the doorway to your heart of hearts, your core feelings, the core you. This door may have been shut for a long time. It may be that you shut the door in response to some hurt. Understand that by shutting the door you locked your spontaneous and joyful self away, effectively locking in the hurt. When you are ready allow the door to open and your heart of hearts to infuse into your whole being, no longer held captive and suppressed behind your own barriers. It infuses you with the joy of the child, the wonder of life, spontaneity and love.