Two Wolves

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CourageFearour perspective of life changes our reality
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Two Wolves

Base Chakra: for Courage and Fear

Brow Chakra: for understanding the way we look at life changes our reality

The Limiting stress: When we are working with clients who are afraid and allow fear to dictate the direction they will take in life. Clients that don’t have enough courage to do what they want in life. Perhaps it may be fear of failure or fear of success or what I commonly see in clinic is the fear of trying something they have not tried before. Then the two wolves may be a story to consider (also consider the Bird in the Cage from MAC 1). Often choosing courage over fear is what limits people. This is most related to the Solar plexus and Base chakra

There is also an aspect within this story that can be applied to the Brow chakra. The choices that we make in our own mind will determine the reality of all our experience. We could argue that choosing courage over fear is the key choice and this is Solar Plexus energy, but even understanding that the choice is ours to make would be driven by the Brow chakra energy.

The story: the story starts before dawn. It starts with a young American Indian girl waking up to the distant sounds of growling. Having courage, she quickly dresses and walks out of her tent and into the nearby forest to investigate. It is still dark and only the early signs of the morning sun are starting to show themselves on the horizon.

As she enters the forest overcoming her fear, she begins to hear fierce growling. After a few minutes it gets louder and louder. Soon she finds herself at the edge of a green meadow. The morning sun is just coming over the horizon and when she looks over the meadow she freezes. Not too far from her are two great wolves. They look like they are fighting to the death. They are the fiercest wolves she has ever seen. One of the wolves is pure white, like the land when new snow covers it as a blanket. The other wolf is pure black like the night sky when the stars are hidden. She watches for few moments and then decides to run back to her tent. As she enters the tent she almost collides with her grandfather, and elder, who has lived as one with the land for many decades. She tells him of her morning adventure. The old man smiles and says what you have seen is a vision. “What does it mean” she enquires? He answers, “the wolves you have seen live inside us. There is always a great fight within us. The black wolf you see represents hatred, fear, and greed. If you follow the path of that wolf, you will always be afraid to try for you may fail. You will always be suspicious of others; the path of that wolf only brings sadness, arrogance and greed into our lives.” Seeing that the girl is paying attention, he continues. “On the other hand, the white wolf represents peace, love kindness and joy. If you follow the path of the white wolf, you will find happiness wherever you go, and you will have enough courage to follow your dreams. The path of the white wolf represents peace, kindness friendships.”

The girl ponders on her grandfather’s words and then asks. “In my vision the wolves looked like they were fighting to the death, which one will eventually win?” Her Grandfather was still and silent for a while, then he smiled and said, “That part is simple, whichever one you feed.”

Key points to remember the story:

  • American Indian girl wakes up and hears load growls
  • It is just before sunrise
  • She is brave as she follows the sounds into the forest
  • She comes across a fight between two huge wolves
  • The wolves are fighting to the death, there is a white and black wolf
  • She returns to her tent and almost bumps into her grandfather
  • She tells him the story of what she saw
  • Grandfather tells her she had a vision
  • Grandfather tells her what the white and black wolf represent
  • The girl ask which wolf will win the fight and Grandfather says “ Whichever one you feed”

Potential Questions for the client

  • What do you think this story is about?
  • When the girl asks her Grandfather about the outcome of the fight (which wolf will win) and he says “ Whichever one you feed” what do you think he means by this?
  • Would you say that you feed the white or black wolf more often in your life?