Two Seeds

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Two Seeds

Solar plexus: Courage, Strength, and Determination

Sacral Chakra: Creative yearning

Limiting stress: To flourish, expand and reach our potential there are often certain characteristics we need to possess. Fear to face the unknown is not one of them. In life we are sometimes given a choice, to stay where we are and do what we have always been doing or to take a chance on something different. Sometimes people are not willing to take a chance unless they feel they know the outcome, and this becomes the limiting factor for growing and expanding. Fear of failure, not enough courage, and fear of trying where you may not foresee the outcome, can limit us.

Courage, strength and self-belief are all related to the Solar Plexus. The yearning to try something new, to expand, to face life with more creativity is strongly related to the Sacral Chakra. The story of the two seeds expresses these two chakras beautifully.

The story: The story starts with a farmer who throws two seeds onto the barren earth. They are scared and huddle together for comfort. With autumn at the door the nights begin to be colder and the rains soften the earth. The two seeds have begun to sink into the earth. With help of the winds soon they are covered completely by soil. They sit dormant below the surface facing the unknown. Seasons come and seasons go and Autumn turns into Winter. The seeds feel the cold from above, the snow has set in. At this time they don’t know what to do, so they sit together waiting. As the winter begins to pass the snow begins to melt and water seeps into the earth, and as the water loosens the soil around them, they begin to feel a yearning. The first seed says to the other “can you feel that? I feel like I should expand.”

The second seed also feels nature’s call but wonders why. “Where would you grow?” it asks.

The first seed considers and says “I will grow upward, back towards the surface and see what is out there. I will also grow downwards and see what I can find.”

The second seed looks up and down and says, “but it is so cold and dark and unknown. I don’t think I will do that; I will stay here for a while.”

The first seed, feeling the call of nature, begins to expand and grow towards the surface, at the same time it sends roots deep into the darkness below.

Within two weeks the first seed that decides to listen to the nature’s yearning hits the surface and is blessed with the warmth of the sun. The young shoots that broke the surface rapidly begin to grow and expand. At the same time the roots that it sends deep into the earth has found more moisture and are now feeding the young sapling. Meanwhile the second seed is still sitting in the darkness, considering if it should stay or grow. But looking up and down it’s so dark and unknown, so it decides to continue with its strategy of staying put.

Within a few months the first seed has turned into a young tree. The minerals and water it has absorbed from the deep roots, and with the help of the sun, it has grown and feels anchored and that every day that it’s following its purpose and expression.

Meanwhile the second seed is still following the same strategy of not moving, just sitting still.

By the end of Summer, the first seed has turned into a young tree, with many new branches and hundreds of leaves. It is growing, expanding and loves the direction it has taken. The second seed still sits under the surface following its strategy to stay safe by not expanding and being still.

At the beginning of Autumn the farmer’s chickens are let lose and the second seed gets eaten.

Key points to remember the story

  • Two seeds huddle together for protection on the barren earth
  • They sink and find themselves in darkness
  • Through Winter they huddle for protection
  • At start of Spring both feel the urge to express but only one decides to expand
  • The other is afraid of the unknown darkness and decides to stay
  • The first seeds grows and reaches the surface and finds water through its roots
  • The first still follows a strategy of staying still not expanding
  • The first seed by the end of summer is a young tree and is enjoying the benefits of its growth
  • The first seed gets eaten by a chicken

Potential Questions for the client.

  • Why do you feel the first seed decided to grow up and down even though it was dark and unknown?
  • What do you think of the strategy of the two seeds?
  • What do you think about only acting if you are assured of the outcome?
  • Can we be ever assured of the outcome in life?