Two Great Pots

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The Two Great Pots

Sacral Chakra: Creativity by the water barer

Heart Chakra: Compassion

Throat Chakra: The Communication aspect by the pot

The Limiting stress: Inability to express, and talk about things, often leads to assumptions. Many people find it challenging to express what’s in their heart, often they assume they know what the outcome and reaction from others will be if they did express themselves. Part of this story is the struggle of the Pot that has a crack to talk about its issue. The second aspect of this story is the creative thinking by the pot barer and also the great compassion he shows to a pot that can’t do the job that it believes it was designed for.

The Story: There was great estate in the countryside. Within this estate lived a master and a water barer. One of the jobs of the water barer was to walk to the river, which was over 2km away, and bring fresh water to the house. The water barer each day would place a log over his shoulders and hang 2 great pots from the sides and make his way to the river. He performed this task day in and day out.

One of the pots had a great crack running from the rim half way down its body. Each day the water barer would fill both the pots to their rim with water from the river and carry them to the master’s house. The pot with the crack would try extra hard to hold onto the water, but each day when he arrived at the master’s house it would be half full. The pot knew about its flaw and no matter how hard it tried it just could not hold onto the water. Over the years it considered many times to speak out to the water barer about its flaw, but never had the courage to do so. Eventually after trying hundreds of times to hold onto the water and never succeeding, it decided to finally speak out.

“I feel that its time you would replace me” says the pot to the water barer. The water barer was surprised the pot is talking to him, but ask why. “You must know about my huge flaw, as you can see, I have this crack in the side of my body and I know how hard you work for the master, yet I never get to the masters house full.” The other pot heard this and quickly said. “I don’t believe that I have ever leaked one drop, I’m perfect in the way I was designed” This made the first pot feel even worse. “I feel it is time you replaced me” it said again.

The water barer considered the situation and says, “I tell you what, rather than focusing on holding onto the water as we walk, I’d like you to focus on the beauty of the walk. Let the sun shine on your back, enjoy the beautiful scenery.” The pot did this as they walked to the master’s house and for the first time in as long as it could remember it did not feel stressed. When they get to the master's house the water barer asks the pot, “How was the walk?” The pot smiles and says, “I did feel better, but I still feel that you should replace me, as you can see I’m half empty again.”

The water barer ponders and asks, “did you notice the flowers that grow on the trail as we walked home?”

“Oh yes” the Pot says, “they were so beautiful”

“Did you notice that they only grow on one side of the trail?”

The pot considers this and says, “yes they only grow on the left side, and the side you always carry me on.”

“Yes” said the water barer. “You see I have known about your crack from the start, so I decided a long time ago to plant seeds on the side of the trail where I would carry you. Over the last two years you have been watering those seeds. After I bring the water I go back and pick the flowers for this house, look how beautiful they are.”

The pot looked around and for the first time sees the bundles of beautiful flowers all around the house. “For that I get great praise from our master. “

“That is all your doing, for you are the one that water the seeds day in day out.”

The pot for the first time feels happy in its life, it begins to understand what it was designed for.

Key points to remember the story

  • There is a water barer that takes two great pots to the river to bring water to his master’s estate each The walk is 2km
  • One of the pots has a crack in it
  • At the end of the journey each day the pot with the crack is half empty
  • It struggles with this and after a year finally speaks out
  • It tells the water barer that he should replace it
  • The other pot says its perfect in what it was designed to do
  • The water barer encourages the pot not to focus on the issue
  • The pot with the crack feels better but still is resigned to the fact that it can’t do the task and that it should be replaced
  • The water barer ask the pot to recall the flowers
  • He then tells the pot that he knew about its crack and that the pot has been watering the seeds and now he has beautiful flowers for the house
  • The pot for the first time in its life feels

Potential Questions for the client

  • How do you think the pot with the crack felt ?
  • Why did it take one year for the pot to speak out?
  • What do you think about the water barer?