Smartest Animal of the Forest

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Smartest Animal of the Forest (Fox and Hedgehog)

Base chakra: For simplicity and stillness

Sacral Chakra: For Creativity

It was the day of the forest animal gathering. A gathering that only took place once every few years. On this day all the animals of the forest would gather to discuss and resolve forest issues, it was a day of peace. On the agenda was a vote for the smartest animal of the forest. Although many looked towards the Fox, the wise old owl decided to give the title to the Hedgehog. “A Hedgehog” the Fox laughed, “you must be kidding me. In which world could a hedgehog ever outsmart or out maneuver a fox?”

However, the owl insisted if it was to change its mind the fox would have to prove itself. With pleasure the fox smiled and went away to scheme. Since it was the day of peace, the fox was not allowed to hurt or hunt the hedgehog but looking at the moon high above it was only minutes to midnight and then all rules no longer apply.

The hedgehog was slowly shuffling home, in its own little world, barley knowing what is happening beyond few meters of its existence. The fox who hid behind the tree, calculating the direction of the wind and his best position to pounce was internally laughing at the thought of the hedgehog being given the title. Just at the stroke of midnight, the fox appeared out of nowhere and with almost no noise at all it was upon the hedgehog in a flash. However, with a minimum of fuss the hedgehog just rolled itself into a ball and was totally protected. The Fox retreated and tried again, this time being even more cunning and coming from an angle which would be hard to see. But like before the hedgehog with no effort just rolled into a ball and stayed protected.

It is from that day when the owl announces that the smartest animal is the hedgehog that the fox often hunts him. However, he hardly ever succeeds. Although the fox is perhaps more cunning and more creative than any other animal, it does not possess the simple yet affective strategy of the hedgehog. The hedgehog is only concerned with one purpose and one goal, to find food and stay safe. It has become so good at it, that through the simplest of all moves it can outsmart and outwit the cunning fox.

Creativity is important as is looking at situations in creative ways. However, stillness of purpose and being able to simplify a complex world into a single organizing principle is also smart. The hedgehog is able to filter out everything that does not matter to his principle and with this basic yet effective mastery he can outwit the fox.

Key points to remember the story

  • It was the day of gathering for all forest animals
  • It was a day of peace
  • One issue that needed to be resolved was which animal was the smartest of all
  • Most animals looked towards the fox, but the wise old owl voted the for hedgehog
  • The fox laughed and to prove that he is the smartest, schemed to kill the hedgehog
  • The fox was cunning and approached the hedgehog from almost impossible angles for him to see
  • Yet just before he got there the hedgehog with almost no effort rolled into a ball and stayed safe
  • The fox tried many times but never succeeds
  • Although the fox is very cunning and creative, the hedgehog has developed one simple strategy to find food and stay safe

Potential Questions for the client

  • Why was the fox not successful in killing the hedgehog?
  • Tell me about the balance between creativity and cunningness of the fox versus the hedgehog who is only concerned with the basic principles of finding food and staying safe
  • What do you think of the hedgehog’s ability to filter out everything that does not matter to his principle of finding food and staying safe and with this basic, yet effective mastery is able to outwit the fox?