Living in the Moment

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Living in the Moment

Crown chakra: importance of living in the moment

The Limiting stress: Too many people fail to live in the moment. They are almost never present with their thoughts in any situation. Rather, they often live in the past or the present. The past is like grey rain clouds of pain. The future is like white snow clouds of hopes and dreams. Yet spending time in the past or future takes us away from the present.

It is through meditation that we allow our mind to find stillness, to let go of the past and future and just be. This is much related to the crown chakra, being able to be fully present is a great ability to learn.

The Story: A monk is walking through the forest, a walk he has done often. On his trip a large pack of wolves catch his scent and give chase. He finds himself cornered at the edge of a cliff, so to get away he jumps and catches onto a frail branch that is growing from a shrub on the side of the cliff.

As he looks up, he can see the hungry pack of wolves. He looks down to see where he could escape and notices a tiger waiting for him, licking his lips.

At about the same time the monk notices a wild strawberry growing beside the branch he was holding. The strawberry looked so inviting, ripe, and ready to be eaten. As he picked the strawberry and popped it into his mouth the branch that he is holding gives way. As he begins to fall, he thinks to himself how delicious the strawberry is.

Key points to remember the story

  • Monk is walking through a forest
  • A pack of wolves are after him
  • He tries to get away and needs to climb down a mountain
  • He realizes that below him is a hungry tiger
  • He sees a strawberry and places it into his mouth
  • At the same time the branch that is supporting him gives way
  • He thinks to himself this strawberry is delicious

Potential Questions for the client.

  • What is the message of the story?
  • Tell me about the importance of being and living in the present moment?
  • How often (with your thoughts) do you spend in the past and/or future?